All Ryukyukan branches adhere to the teachings and guidance of Koei Nohara Hanshi 9th dan, who founded the federation in 1992. Ryukyukan (or Ryukyu Organization) has a direct historical link to the original Shuri te, and preserves this lineage through Kata (Karate forms). If you look closely at the Shuri Palace photo above you will see the Shi-Sa (half dragon-half lion) on the palace roof. The Shi-Sa, protector of Okinawa, can be found on the Ryukyukan patch.

Our federation became international in 1996 when the first US Ryukyukan Dojo opened in Dixon California. We now have branch dojo on four continents where each year our international members get together via seminars and tournaments.

Hanshi Nohara personally instructs and guides his dojo branch owners to ensure the preservation of Shorinryu karate as a living, vibrant and extremely viable fighting method, a powerful method of self development, and a true cultural treasure of the Ryukyu’s.